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25 Years of Reputable Foot Treatments

Steve Parsons, your podiatrist, has 25 years’ experience treating feet in Hamilton and the Waikato region. To ensure the most up-to-date methods, our staff undergoes continuous training and study in podiatry. This along with many years of experience ensures that you are given the best advice and treatment methods possible when you visit our clinic. We are here to take very special care of you and your family.


At The Foot Clinic, we provide professional advice and a complete range of podiatrist services to treat foot or leg pain, sports injuries, troublesome toenails, corns and calluses, diabetic feet and more. We also offer custom orthotic design and ongoing support throughout your treatments. 

Our Clients

Steve Parsons Podiatrist has the means and experience to treat patients of all different backgrounds. Our clients range from children to the elderly. As an active participant in your journey to great foot health, Steve Parsons has a personal interest in helping people achieve their age-specific goals.

Our Staff

Our team is dedicated to providing the warmest, friendliest service possible. We do everything we can to ensure your comfort during your visits. Our clients always comment about our welcoming staff members, which is one of the reasons we are regarded as the podiatry clinic of choice in Hamilton. 


South City Health is Steve Parsons, Podiatrist main practice, offering a full-service operation with all podiatry services. I specialise in sports podiatry, musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessments, orthotic therapy, and ingrown toenails.